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Because the FranklinFlex Design System™ offers you a limitless number of variations in fixture styles, sizes, materials, finishes, and custom modifications, it is not practical to list them all in one price list. Our most popular fixtures are in durable melamine laminate on a ¾" Medium Density Fiberboard core. Other materials available include wood veneer and high-pressure laminate. For fixtures that meet your specific needs, we are happy to quote via phone, fax, or email. Please refer to our color catalog and Franklin Facts for a complete listing of products and available options.


When shopping for fixtures, the elements of overall value can often be difficult or even impossible to determine from just a catalog, website, or price list. Asking the right questions can mean the difference between buying a cheap fixture that doesn't work or falls apart vs. getting the best value for the lowest price.

Franklin Fixtures continually strives to manufacture fixtures at competitive prices by investing in efficient technologies. Our goal is to offer you competitive pricing by cutting our costs, not by cutting corners. When comparing fixture manufacturers, it is critical to be able to determine if the price reflects efficient manufacturing or a compromise in quality. The worksheet below is designed to help our customers determine quality and value when comparison-shopping.

Key Questions To Ask Fixture Manufacturers

(Keep For Your Records)

Franklin Fixtures
Question Yes No Yes No Yes No
1. "Are you quoting me prices for Cases and Shelves that are at least ¾" thick?" (Caution!!! Some manufacturers reduce prices by skimping on material thickness.)          
2. "Is the core material Medium Density Fiberboard or Plywood?" (Caution !!! Some manufacturers reduce the prices of their cases by using weaker core materials such as particle board.)          
3. "Are the case joints held together with Industrial Glues and Threaded Fasteners?" (Caution!!! Some manufacturers reduce prices by air-nailing their cases together.)          
4. "Do your prices include Shelves? Full End Panels?" (Caution!!! Some manufacturers appear to reduce prices by selling shelves and end panels separately.)          
5. "Do your fixtures have End Panel Shelf Support?" (Caution!!! Some manufacturers reduce costs by using hard-to-adjust rear shelf support that reduces display flexibility.)          
6. "Are the fixtures delivered conveniently blanket wrapped?" (Caution!!! Some manufacturers claim to reduce freight costs by shipping motor freight. However, you then have to absorb the costs of crating, uncrating, and disposal.)          
7. "Does your company specialize in retail display systems which include interchangeable shelves and inserts, accessories, and signage?" (Caution!!! A carpenter may have years of experience building everything from decks to kitchen cabinets but probably knows little or even nothing about the best display techniques for selling your specific types of merchandise. Our customers report sales gains of 15%-40% after they have replaced their carpenter-built shelves with Franklin Fixtures.)          
8. "What is your reputation among retailers?" (Caution!!! Don't overlook the value of a well-earned reputation for quality fixtures and friendly, responsive service. Request a list of existing customers in your area and ask them about the quality, functionality, design, and overall value of the fixtures and the impact they've had on their sales.)          

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